Construction and assembly works

Our company operate for almost thirty years now. During this time we collected versatile experiences and expertise ourselves in construction and assembly works including installation renovation and carburizing equipment, production of calcium and cement especially: coal mills, stone and cement mills, internal transport and loading equipment (all kind of conveyors etc.), environmental protection installations (filters, electrostatic precipitators, dust removals etc.)

Later in time we decided to broad our portfolio of activity but we kept base activity. We are ready to offer our partners a complex service from projects with all legal demanded permissions, through delivery and installation to full launch of operation.

We posses highly qualified personel, devices and necessary experience to conduct works. Additionally we obtained all important certificates included health and safety as well as environmental decisions together with waste management.

Among our former and current business partners such companies can be found: EDF Polska, Górażdże Cement S A in Chorula, Cementownia „Odra” S A in Opole and Zakłady Wapiennicze Lhoist Polska in Tarnów Opolski, CEMET Warszawa, Górażdże Wapno, Cementownia Strzelce-Opolskie, ZEC Service Wrocław, BOT Elektrownia Opole, Uniserv Piecbud S A Katowice, Piec-Bud Wrocław Sp. z o. o., Hydropec Wrocław, MPEC Wrocław, Lilleheden Denmark, REDECAM Italy and many more.

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