Electricity, telecommunications and automation

We deliver complexed electricity, telecommunications engineering and automation solutions and services. We support our partners with know how, experience and highly qualified personnel. We take part in innovative projects on every investment stage. We provide electrical installations projects, telecommunications projects, investment conducting as well as service.

Our offer

We are active as general contractor of electrical and telecommunication installations. Our main goal is customer satisfaction.

We work for the biggest construction companies offering our specialist electrical services. We built permanent partnership with e.g. renewed developer company Karmar S.A.

We always rely on mutual trust!

In relations with our partners we always focus on multi year cooperation. We build strong relations based on reliability, competences and honesty. Our team consist of qualified staff as well as specialized and competent construction and engineering supervision.

Our offer:

  • audits of the correctness the installation execution and functioning;
  • maintenance of bulit-up installations in working order;
  • devices assembling on-site;
  • installations modernisations and expansions;
  • periodic inspections of the installations;
  • electrical installations measurements and tests;
  • expert opinions on electrical installations condition;
  • annual inspections of medium voltage installations.

Multi year guarantee

In our activity we always use latest technical and organizational solutions, based on EU standards. Each time we secure multi year guarantee supported with technical service.

Contact us

If you are interested in our services or have any questions about our offer, please contact us.